Discover Why You’re Just 12 Weeks Away from Regaining Control Over Your Life!
Tell me if this sounds familiar...
  • Do you feel that your life is not your own?
  • Are you drowning in a sea of doctors and specialists and longing for a lifeline?
  • Do you feel that you want a simpler, better quality of life after having experienced this massive wake-up call?
  • Do you believe deep down that there must be a better way to eat and live?
If you suffer from any or all of these... are not alone.
A breast cancer diagnosis has a way of turning your whole world upside down and inside out.
You’re not sure why or how to help your body.
You've become terrified and aren't sure what to eat. The stress of the diagnosis is too much and every day is a struggle. 
You experience side effects from treatment and you are desperate for relief.
You’re tired, sluggish and achy all day.  You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night. You’re tense and ready for a meltdown at any moment.
You have fears about your health and your future looks dark and unknown.
You’re concerned about the chemicals and toxins in the environment, what they are doing to your now compromised immune system and wonder what you can do about them.
Here’s the good news… don’t have to go it alone. 
There is a way to take back control so you start to feel like an active participant in your cancer treatment rather than just a victim.
I totally get where you are because I was in your shoes and living your fears a few years ago.
Hi! I’m Katherine Casey and I’m a holistic nutritionist and breast cancer recovery coach.  
As a breast cancer survivor myself, I know the feeling of being powerless, of not knowing what I should eat to win the cancer fight and feeling that my future is uncertain and black.

I also know how I turned that around.

In 2011, at the same time that I started my natural nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was afraid to eat. I was afraid to drink. I was afraid I wouldn’t be around to watch my kids graduate from high school or see my future grandchildren. I was consumed by fear and overwhelm. I was powerless. Natural nutrition turned out to be a lifeline for me.

It's how I turned it around and took back control. I regained control of my life and learned a whole new way of eating that was healing.

When I completed my studies in 2013, I realized my passion lay in sharing the power of integrative cancer care with others faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, during and after treatment. I believed that an integrative approach to cancer care, involving dietary and lifestyle changes, could tip the outcome in favour of a healthier, longer life for many breast cancer patients.

I believe that to this day and it is one of my core beliefs that women do not need to feel powerless in the face of cancer; they just need to be shown the way.

I am honoured to be able to share this with you because you too can turn this around and take back control.
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So ask yourself...
What would you do to regain control of your life?
Do you want to protect and fortify your body to be the best it can be
and have the best outcome possible during treatment?
Identify and reduce risk factors through nutritional and lifestyle changes and understand how to avoid chemicals and toxins in your day-to-day life.
Learn to make choices that will support and defend your body against exposure to things the body doesn’t like. Learn about food that will support your immune system during the battle of a lifetime.
Regain control of your life during and after breast cancer. Increase your chances of a better treatment outcome. Enjoy a better quality of life.
It's time you make real changes to help you experience real results!
The Tenacious Living Solution: 7 Critical Steps for Breast Cancer Recovery
The Tenacious Living Solution is a transformational
12-week program designed to help you regain control of your life during and after treatment.

Learn what foods your body needs to function properly, learn lifestyle modifications to strengthen your body, eliminate many chemicals from your environment, and enjoy a better quality of life.
the tenacious living solution
7 Critical Steps for Breast Cancer Recovery
Now just think about how you could transform your life and imagine...
Feeling empowered by becoming an active participant in your cancer journey and not a victim
Feeling more alive and energetic as you nourish your body and strengthen your immune system
Feeling like you finally have a handle on it as you learn coping mechanisms to deal with the stress and overwhelm from cancer your diagnosis
Feeling confident in your nutrition choices by learning the  basics, while being fully supported without judgement
In this program, you’ll discover…
  • What the best foods and supplements are to support your body and remove toxins gently and efficiently
  • How chemicals and toxins play a role in your everyday life and your cancer diagnosis
  • How to adapt your lifestyle to live in a cleaner environment without adding extra work to your day
  • How to satisfy daily food needs with the best foods that will support your immune system 
  • Why the results you can achieve will make a difference in the quality of your life and may positively impact your treatment outcome
  • How I will support you through the program and be there to answer all your questions.
When you sign up for The Tenacious Living Solution, you will embark on a journey that will take you on the following path of transformation
week 1
Setting the Stage for Recovery
We will do a deep dive into your particular cancer, reviewing intake forms and discussing your goals and next steps in the program
week 2
Nutritional Oncology:
Part 1
We will go back to basics to answer the question, “What should I eat?”, touching upon macronutrients, digestion, and organic food versus conventional food after a cancer diagnosis
week 3
Nutritional Oncology:
Part 2
We will dig deeper into the world of nutrition and cancer, focusing on wondrous fibre and fabulous flax, the glycemic load and glycemic index, food labels and portion control
week 4
 Nutritional Oncology:
Part 3
We will step into the world of supplementation and juicing and the positive impact on breast cancer recovery
week 5
Understanding Your Physiology: Part 1
We will review what cancer is, the importance of pH/alkalinity and the role of inflammation and cancer
week 6
Understanding Your Physiology: Part 2
We will touch upon gut health and immune function, as well as talk about the importance of the lymphatic system and oxidative stress
week 7
We will look at exercise as a means of ramping up your cancer fighting arsenal, specifically looking at exercise benefits, safety concerns, lymphedema and cancer-related fatigue
week 8
We will review the importance of sleep as your body’s opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, as well as the power of melatonin and looking at the Circadian Rhythm and breast cancer 
week 9
Stress Management
We will review what stress is and the impact it has on your body and stress and the gut connection, as well some coping mechanisms for stress
week 10
Reducing Environmental Toxins in the Home
We will look at the impact of environmental toxins on breast cancer, specific areas of concern and healthy cleaning in your home
week 11
Reducing Environmental Toxins in Personal Care
We will look at toxins in your personal care products, as well as touch upon methods for gently detoxifying your body
week 12
Next Steps: Moving Forward After Treatment
In our final module, we will look at how to deal with fear of recurrence, returning to work and how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.
What's Included...
One 90-minute deep-dive private coaching call
($260 value)
11 weekly 45-minute
coaching calls
($1,450 value)
11 weekly modules containing educational videos based on the 7 Critical Steps for Breast Cancer Recovery
($1,450 value)
Email support throughout the program
($300 value)
A Comprehensive Quick Reference Guide
($97 value)
3- Week Menu Plan & Recipe Guide
($157 value)
Additional handouts and  resources with each weekly module
(over $250 value)
Access to Facebook Group Support
($250 value)
Additional program bonuses
(Over $300 value)
The Tenacious Living Solution: 7 Critical Steps for Breast Cancer Recovery Quick Reference Guide. This comprehensive guide sets out the 7 critical steps as well as an overview of breast cancer, including risk factors, treatment options and the role of gut health and hormones.
Online Access to The Tenacious Living Solution platform and app, inclusive of all handouts, videos & bonuses so you stay connected to me even when you're on the go
The Tenacious Living Solution Menu Plans & Recipes Guide. This guide contains a simple 3-week flexible menu plan which is designed to help you easily plan and prepare meals, while adapting healthy eating habits to suit your lifestyle. This guide contains full instructions on food choices while following The Tenacious Living Solution program, as well as over 50 pages of healthy, mouth-watering recipes.
Pre-Program Assessment Package and Consultation. Full Setting the Stage for Recovery Assessment (90-minute deep-dive, private coaching initial consultation)
Private Coaching Calls via video chat and email support throughout the 12-week Program
Educational videos, handouts, resources to help you along
your road to recovery
Plus you will receive immediate access to these amazing bonuses:
Bonus #1 - Deep Breathing How-To Audio 
In this quick, 5-minute audio, you will practice deep breathing as a technique that will enable you to slow down your breathing which in turn helps relax your mind and body. (In fact, studies show that deep breathing improves oxygenation which is good news during cancer treatment!)
Bonus #2 - 15 Energy-Stabilizing Smoothies Recipe E-Book  
During treatment, energy may be hard to come by. These 15 naturally balanced smoothie recipes will help you sustain energy as you go through your day. In addition to the delicious recipes, this e-book provides tips and ideas on how to customize your smoothie to your own unique tastes.
Bonus #3 - Slow Cooking for Recovery Recipe Guide  
Give yourself a break with these easy peasy slow cooker recipes. Some days there is nothing easier than throwing a bunch of ingredients into a slow cooker and these 15 mouth-watering, healthy recipes will take the stress out of snack time and dinner time.
Has Breast Cancer Taken Enough from You?
Could This Be the Answer You Have Been Searching for To Take Back Control of Your Life?

The Tenacious Living Solution
  • One 90-minute deep-dive private coaching call 
  • 11 weekly 30-minute coaching calls
  • 11 weekly modules containing educational videos based on the 7 Critical Steps for Breast Cancer Recovery 
  • Email support throughout the program 
  • A Comprehensive Quick Reference Guide 
  • 3- Week Menu Plan & Recipe Guide 
  • Additional handouts and resources each week
  • Access to Facebook Group Support 
  • Additional program bonuses  
Here’s What People Are Saying About Katherine Casey and
The Tenacious Living Solution
Katherine’s program is comprehensive, supportive, and life-changing. As a doctor, I have total confidence in her skills as a health coach for breast cancer survivors. She is caring and compassionate and has been through the same journey you are going through right now. If you have the opportunity to work with Katherine as your health coach, you should definitely grab it.

Dr. Kim Foster, M.D.
A cancer diagnosis is life changing, overwhelming and takes time to process and during this time you need someone in YOUR corner. You simply could not wish for a better Cancer Coach than Katherine!! She will listen to you and support you every step of the way by developing a whole body approach to support not only your physical but emotional well-being. She will be your best advocate and will work with YOU to help bring clarity during a time when you feel the most lost. Katherine will help you navigate all the information you receive from your medical team to help you better understand all your options before, during or after treatment, possible side effects and the best way to incorporate holistic therapies. I highly recommend Katherine!

Candace Cormier R.H.N. CPCC
Katherine has always inspired me to be the best me possible. She outlines a program that is easy to understand and follow. She always follows up to provide support and guidance. With her help, anything is possible. I am confident, empowered and know that a healthy future is my road to success. Katherine has paved the way already.

Patricia Bradley
Experience the quality of the information and the support received when we work together.
Give yourself this gift of The Tenacious Living Solution, risk free, right now!
This will be the best present you have ever given yourself.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this
program for?
This program is for breast cancer survivors, during and after treatment.
How do the coaching sessions happen?
The Tenacious Living Solution is essentially an online program. Weekly content is delivered digitally and, once you have had the opportunity to implement and incorporate the information, it is followed up by a 45-minute live one-on-one private coaching call with me. These calls are done by video conference call.    
What can I expect in
the initial consultation?
On our first coaching call, we will spend 90 minutes together doing a deep dive into your particular cancer, reviewing intake forms, going over risk assessment questionnaires specific to you and discussing your goals and next steps in the program.
How can I pay for
the program?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Debit Card is the method of processing payments. The program is priced in Canadian dollars.
When does this
program start?
This is an evergreen program, i.e., there is no fixed start date. The program starts when you are ready, willing and able to get going.   
What if I’m
not satisfied?
I do offer the following money-back guarantee:
• 100% refund before I have commenced any work;
• 50% refund after commencement of the program but prior to Week 3 of the program (Nutritional Oncology: Part 2); or
• No refund after 30 days from the date of purchase.  
How will coaching
help me?
You will improve your nutrition and lifestyle habits. No more guessing or worrying about what to eat; you will learn the right foods to eat. You will also be educated on how to minimize side effects and risk factors, and you will regain a sense of control over your life. This will all be done with the added support and guidance of a cancer coach who will help you stay committed and accountable to making the necessary changes.
What is a cancer
coach’s role?
There is a no-man’s land between what your doctors are doing for you conventionally and what is possible for you to do on your end. A cancer coach fills this gap. A cancer coach’s role is that of your advocate, accountability partner, mentor, cheering squad, sounding board, nutritionist, educator and strategist. A cancer coach is just another member of YOUR cancer-fighting team that makes sure you don’t have to go it alone.
What can I expect in each private coaching session?
We will spend 30 minutes together going over your food journals, any recent lab results you may have, any questions or difficulties you may have had with that week’s content, discuss what’s happening with your treatment, or whatever else you feel that you would like to unload, including how your hovering mother-in-law is driving you nuts.
What kind of
commitment is required?
You have to be 100% determined and committed to doing WHATEVER. IT. TAKES to change your outcome. This is not a game. This is not a rehearsal. Only you can make these changes. I will be beside you every step of the way to guide you and educate you, but you are in the driver seat. It may not feel like it as you feel yourself spiraling out of control, but it’s true. You CAN do it, but you have to be all in.
Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity to Take Back Control of Your Life.
Book your complementary call with me to see if this program is right for you!
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